Monday, 11 March 2013


Climbing a never ending rope,
Squirming in shock and fatigue,
No perceivable ledge to grope,
Reality out of my league.

Hands blistered beyond repair,
Flesh as dry as sand,
There appears to be a burden of despair,
beyond which i understand.

The peak is visible to my seasoned eyes,
Motivation plays its part,
A makeshift labyrinth of intricate lies,
A swift beat fills my heart.

I grab a ledge and feel ripe with content,
solid ground brings light and hope,
I am greeted by nothing but dry cement,
and whats this? another rope...

This is another poem I have written about a man that can not 
ground himself in life, and is on a path too destruction.

Tell me what you think this poem means ??

Thank you for reading :)

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